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Galwaye. Dvbline. Lymericke. Corcke 

Gandavum amplissima Flandriae urbs 

Gandavum amplissima Flandriae urbs à Julio Caesare condita, et à 

Ganges River Region, India and Bangladesh, 1816 (Raster Image) 

Gardner, Massachusetts, 1855 (Image 1 of 2) (Raster Image) 

Gardner, Massachusetts, 1855 (Image 2 of 2) (Raster Image) 

Gay Head, Massachusetts 15 Minute Digital Raster Graphic 

Gdańsk, Poland, 1687 (Raster Image) 

Gdansk, Poland, 1886 (Raster Image) 

Gdańsk Region, Poland, 1730 (Raster Image) 

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