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Gandavum amplissima Flandriae urbs à Julio Caesare condita, et à 

Ganges River Region, India and Bangladesh, 1816 (Raster Image) 

Gardner, Massachusetts, 1855 (Image 1 of 2) (Raster Image) 

Gardner, Massachusetts, 1855 (Image 2 of 2) (Raster Image) 

Gay Head, Massachusetts 15 Minute Digital Raster Graphic 

Gdańsk, Poland, 1687 (Raster Image) 

Gdansk, Poland, 1886 (Raster Image) 

Gdańsk Region, Poland, 1730 (Raster Image) 

Gdańsk Region, Poland, 1783 (Raster Image) 

Geffrard map of the island of Hayti [cartographic material] 

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