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Accurata Utopiae tabula 

accurate map of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts exclusive of t 

accurate map of the country round Boston in New England 

accurate map of the State and Province of New-Hampshire in New E 

accurate plan of 189,120 acres of land on Penobscot River being  

accurate plan of the town of Boston and its vicinity 

Accurater Grundriss u. Gegend der Koenigl.-Gross-Brittannischen  

Accurater Grundriss und Gegend der Koeniglich-Gross-Brittannisch 

Accurater Grundriß und Prospect der Kön. Schwed. Reichs. u. Haup 

Accurater Grundris und Gegend des Hoch-Fürstl. Brandenb. Bayreut 

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