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Bamboo poem by Lord Guan (Guan di, Guan Yu)
Zhu tu
Guan di shi zhu
Warner, Langdon, 1881-1955, American, collector
Guan Yu, 160-220, Chinese, 
Digital Object
Bamboo poem by Lord Guan (Guan di, Guan Yu).   Zhu tu
Harvard Fine Arts Library, Special Collections
Creation Date
19th. century?
127 x 56 cm
still image

Three Kingdoms
Materials Type
Materials Type
Materials Type
Xi'an bei lin, Xi'an Shi, Shaanxi Sheng, China ;  saints ;  inscriptions ;  stele (archaeology) ;  bamboo ;  hills ;  grasses ;  poetry ;  seals ;  heroes ;  warriors ;  histories ;  painting ;  paintings ;  painting (image-making)

Rubbing of stele depicting bamboos on the left; 1 undentified object (probably "niu"-- a seal with ringed handle) in the upper right, the impression of seal (han shou ting hou, a title of Guan Yu was granted Cao Cao 215-220), inscriptions and poem followed; more inscriptions on the left. Title written as "Guan di shi zhu"-- bamboo poem by Guan di (Lord Guan-- Guan Yu, 160-220), the famous general in the Three Kingdoms Period. Each bamboo leaf in the painting is actually a stroke for characters and the painting can be read into a poem: "Bu xie dong jun yi, dan qing du li ming, mo xian gu xie dan, zhong jiu bu diao li." Deciphering the poetry leads to Guan Yu's self-expression-- he would rather serve in the Shu kingdom ( Shu-Han Empire, 221-263) than in the Cao kingdom (Cao-Wei Empire, 220-265). Painting by Han Zai (Qing artist) modeled after a painting attributed to Guan Yu.

Citation/references: Xi'an bei lin, 1963. p. 95. ; Xi'an bei lin quan ji, 1999, Case No. 12, v. 104, p. 332-333. ; Beijing tu shu guan cang hua xiang ta ben hui bian, 1993, v. 10, p. 41. (Zhu tu). ; Zhongguo mei shu jia ren ming ci dian, 1981, p. 1514 (Guan Yu).

General note: Script style: inscriptions in xing shu; title in zhuan shu. ; Guan di -- Lord Guan, Guan Yu, 160-219 (220?), as a historical person he was a highly praised warrior and came to be a deity ; has been made to be the avatar of loyalty, model of morality, deity on the altar and respected by all three religions of Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism. ; Seal of Guan Yu: Han shou ting hou, this seal with ringed handle was reportedly found from Jun River (in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province) on 18th. day of 10th. mon. of 3rd. yr. of Hongzhi, Ming Dynasty (1490).

Historical: Stele date: Winter of 55th. yr. of Kangxi, Qing Dynasty (1716).
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