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Stellar God of Longevity and Old Age
Nan ji xian weng
Shou xing tu
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Stellar God of Longevity and Old Age.   Nan ji xian weng
Harvard Fine Arts Library, Special Collections
Creation Date
19th. century?
94 x 54 cm
still image

Xi'an bei lin, Xi'an Shi, Shaanxi Sheng, China ;  Longmen Caves, Luoyang, Henan, China ;  inscriptions ;  stele (archaeology) ;  Daoist gods ;  stars ;  sticks ;  writing ;  male figures ;  beards ;  painting ;  paintings ;  painting (image-making)

Rubbing from stele depicting Shou xing, stellar God of Longevity and Old Age. "Dao tong tian di," -- the Way prevails through heaven and earth-- 4 characters are written into the figure outline. Painting by Dong Cesan, inscription calligraphy by Yuan Shen, postscript by Xi Wugui, engraved by Liu Gaogui.

Citation/references: Beijing tu shu guan cang hua xiang ta ben hui bian, 1993, v. 9, p. 165. (Shou xing tu bing zang). ; Chavannes Edouard. Mission archeologique dans la Chine septentrionale, 1909, V. 10, Pl. no. 1176. (Image de Cheou sing formant rebus)

General note: Script style: in cao shu, postscript in kai shu. ; Shou xing: the stellar deity of longevity with popular name Shou Lao and also called Nan ji xian weng or Nan ji lao ren ("the Old Man of the South Pole.") He is one of San xing, The Three Gods: Fu xing (God of Luck), Lu xing (God of Wealth), and Shou xing (God of Long Life). Shou xing is usually portrayed with an enormous head, carrying a long staff and a pumpkin gourd in one hand and holds the peach of immortality in the other.

Historical: Stele date: 9th. mo. of Dingsi, Qing Dynasty.
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